Innovative Technology And Solutions In The Sorting And Handling Of Packs


Systems for rotating, upturning, dividing and merging bottles are the key equipment in Tecnomeco’s production in the bottling and liquid packaging sector.
Every Tecnomeco product is designed to meet the customers’ specific requirements and to solve handling problems for bottles and containers of any shape and size. Great versatility, speed, low maintenance and low noise level are some of the main features of Tecnomeco systems.
Our company also designs bottle conveying systems for any packaging machine,  based on drawings or samples (guides, starwheels, hubs, curves, etc.). Our production is geared to the bottling, packaging, food processing, cosmetic and pharmaceuticals sectors, where Tecnomeco proudly serves some of the world’s leading companies.

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Screw Dividers

Tecnomeco designs and manufactures pairs of screws capable of dividing bottles, tanks and bottles from one to two rows. The particular geometry of the screws allows you to sort the containers by alternating one on the right and one on the left. If necessary (as in the example of the attached photo) it is also possible to pair the containers after the division. With this system, widely tested, it is possible to work on both round and shaped containers, studying the feasibility and dimensional limits from time to time.

Equipment and size changeover

Tecnomeco is a leader in design and production of screw feeders for handling bottles of all shapes and sizes, and it offers also a complete machine accessory service. Thanks to the experience gained in this sector, the company provides its customers with format changeover service, equipment and spare parts used for bottle handling needs in automated machines (fillers, cappers, labelling machines, rinsers, etc.).
Tecnomeco can manufacture parts from samples (starwheels, hubs, profile and much more) and, when required, can propose adjustments and improvements to have the components better fit the customer’s production and maintenance needs. Handling products with special shapes or characteristics often requires a feasibility study and manufacturing format parts specifically designed to ensure good performance of the machinery. With its skills and customized solutions, Tecnomeco is available to solve any problem, not just manufacturing parts from samples but actually producing a “bespoke outfit” for your machines. Parts are carefully crafted with the option to select from various types of plastic material and special attention is paid to quality and finish. Certified, coloured materials and laser marking complete the service offered with the goal of making format changeovers easier to manage and to work with.

Anti-friction carousel

Equipment with star and anti-scratch guide. The star is made by inserting a series of anti-friction and anti-scratch rollers into the compartments. This special application allows you to minimize the risk of scratches or damage when dealing with particularly delicate bottles. The external PTFE guide completes the carousel and eliminates the risk of damage to the container.

Wheeled panels for pieces

Creation of panels equipped to support and keep the format change parts in precise order on automatic machines. In the photo an example of planks made of Play-Tec (Rochling Group) two-color Blue-White-Blue, which allows the milling with removal of the colored coating so as to obtain drawings and writings suitable for identifying the position of the various parts that make up the format change . We study customized solutions to satisfy every need of our customers.

Feedscrews for every needs

Tecnomeco manufactures inlet screws for any automatic machine. In addition to a vast choice of agreed technical materials designed for every need, Tecnomeco offers a wide range of colors and finishes to adapt to the aesthetic choices of its customers. In the following photos, some examples of colored polyethylene screws with identification marking made with Laser.